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Other Home and Commercial Design Services

Design Consultation Services

N.E. Designs, Inc. is very proud to offer a variety of home and commercial design consultation services. For construction projects, we first provide a site evaluation, a detailed analysis of options and restrictions, and creative solutions to make the most out of your site.

We offer solutions to construction obstacles when you find yourself in need of expert advice.For interiors, we provide guidance to improve layouts, information and recommendations for the right materials, and unique ideas to easily improve a space.

It’s a great way to take advantage of our vast knowledge, a resource when you find yourself in a bind and advice when you want to start a project with your best foot forward.

N Ogden Dr, Los Angeles - Building Design by Eran Gispan - N.E. Designs Inc.

Renderings and 3-D Drawings

N.E. Designs, Inc. offers complete home and commercial rendering and 3D drawing services to help you envision your next project.

From street view drawings, to room layouts, kitchen and bath renderings, or simple cabinetry layouts. These drawings allow you to adjust the project to your needs by visualizing the completed project.

Whether you’re looking for a complete layout or a simple rendering, our home and commercial rendering and 3D drawing services help you make important design decisions.

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