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About Designer, Eran Gispan

About N.E. Designs

Eran Gispan

Eran Gispan is an LA based home and commercial designer know for his custom designs which maximize space.

Eran started designing in middle school, and went on to study architecture in high school. After studying engineering in college, Eran decided to combine his knowledge of engineering and architecture and pursue home design in Los Angeles. In 2004, Gispan launched NE Designs Inc. with his interior designer wife, Nathalie.

Eran is known for making a diamond out of every project. His properties maximize land potential and take negative plot elements and make them positive. He enjoys collaborating with his clients, making sure they are involved and happy throughout the entire design process. Gispan prides himself on pushing limits and is always up for a creative challenge.

Eran lives in Sherman Oaks with his wife and three children.

About N.E. Designs, Inc.

About N.E. Designs, Inc.


At N.E. Designs, Inc. we believe in creating unique spaces to match our clients’ needs and personalities. Whether you are building or remodeling a home, or developing a commercial project or office building, we bring a fresh perspective and a capable hand.

We have a deep understanding of available materials and techniques, and experience working in a variety of situations. Our vision is to create a space that is uniquely tailored to your needs, your life and your style. We want to build your world the way you want to see it. We help you discover the big picture, and find beauty in detail. Nothing is overlooked.

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