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N.E. Designs, Inc. Building & Interior Design

Headed by Nathalie and Eran Gispan, N.E. Designs, Inc. is a full service building and interior design company based in Los Angeles.

We provide a full suite of services for residential, commercial, and industrial clients including building design, interior design, space planning, comprehensive consultation services, and logistical services for permit processing.

Each project has its own unique sets of opportunities and challenges. Residential design, for example, differs from the needs of office or commercial design. We work with you to understand the needs of the project and to maximize the potential of any space by providing the right materials, solving unique situations and designing a unified aesthetic.

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N Harper Ave, West Hollywood - Building Design by Eran Gispan

At N.E. Designs, Inc. we believe in creating unique spaces to match our clients’ needs and personalities. Whether you are building or remodeling a home, or developing a commercial project or office building, we bring a fresh perspective and a capable hand.

We have a deep understanding of available materials and techniques, and experience working in a variety of situations. Our vision is to create a space that is uniquely tailored to your needs, your life and your style. We want to build your world the way you want to see it. We help you discover the big picture, and find beauty in detail. Nothing is overlooked.



At N.E. Designs, we take great pride in the service we provide. We work to ensure a synthesis of creative design and technical accuracy, on-time project delivery and accessibility.We work to make sure you are a partner in the design process, and are made aware of the status of your project each step of the way from design to permit to implementation.

We work to understand your project’s needs and limitations and find the appropriate solution to solve any obstacle without sacrifice. We work with you as a team to problem solve, expedite, and provide seamless integration of all creative and technical aspects. We’ve worked with homeowners, builders and developers and speak your language, technical or plain. We work with you and for you.

Gaynor-Ave-Los-Angeles-CA - Interior Design by Nathalie Gispan



Green Design - N.E. Designs, inc.

At N.E. Designs, we’re always looking ahead. That’s why we put an emphasis on green design.

The green trend has been growing steadily and is the future of building. Not only is green design good for the environment, it has many other benefits such as cost and energy savings using a unique array of available materials.

Green technology helps you find creative solutions to make your project truly unique. We work to keep up with the latest innovations in this exciting field to bring the best that green design has to offer.

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N.E. Designs, Inc. is a home and commercial design company in Sherman Oaks, Los Angeles, that provides nationwide residential and commercial design and interior design services. Get in touch to see how we can bring your visions to life.

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